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BCVC Recruiting Coordinator

Hello, my name is Bryan Reed. 

I have been a football coach for over 20 years at the high school and junior high levels and I am the current Head Football Coach at Lakeside Junior High School. As a football coach, I have followed the recruiting process closely, met with coaches, and most of all, am aware of what the college coaches are looking for.


   This new position is being created to serve our athlete's needs as well as help parents navigate the recruiting process. BCVC's goal is to build a partnership with the club, coaches, athletes, and parents to make a stronger service that BCVC offers to all the athletes in the club. As you know, building something new is the hard part, but with your help, we can create a positive experience for all of the BCVC family.

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  Some of the services we will provide:

  1. Coordinate with parents on the proper use of the athlete's social media pages, I.E. Twitter, and setting up a clean, proactive, and productive social media outreach.

  2. Coordinate with parents to meet with recruiters and coaches and help them through the process of the NCAA Eligibility Center formerly known as the NCAA Clearinghouse..

  3. Work with club coaches to gather pertinent information about club athletes and information on other sports they may be participating in. 

  4. The main point of contact so club coaches can send interested recruiters to me, for a single point of contact to get them the information they need promptly and to help BCVC athletes easily access their information when coaches reach out to them directly. Starting with setting up a link on the website with the recruit's information.                    

I look forward to serving the coaches, staff, and athletes of BCVC!

Thank You BCVC Family,

Coach Reed

CLICK HERE For the NCAA Eligibility Center information, important website links, testing information, suggested social media guidelines, and so much more!!!


Should you wish to recruit one of our athletes, please reach out to me at any time.

Black Creek Volleyball Recruiting Coordinator

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